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InfinityStack was created with human-brain optimization in mind. Flow prepares you for the challenges ahead by providing clean, long lasting focus without any jitters or crashes. Axon builds on that foundation by providing brain nourishing ingredients to support cognition and permanent neuron development.  

Together Flow andAxon ingredients synergize to give you the complete brain nootropic.

Our Infinity Stack is based on clinical research.

The Infinity Stack was designed for




Our stack supports learning, attention, memory storage, and recall, while at the same time strengthen the mind against future stress.

Our stack helps increase productivity and work performance by providing sustained, focused energy and boosting creative problem-solving.

Our stack supports critical thinking and a calm mindset, allowing a competitor to execute at their optimum potential.

Infinity Stack's research backed ingredients

Noopept: increases nerve growth factors and improves communication between neurons.

Vinpocetine: improves concentration, focus, and boosts overall mood

Bacopa Monnieri: enhances memory formation, recall, and spatial learning.

Natural Caffeine: increases mental alertness and improves reaction time

L-Theanine: promotes relaxation without sedation and enhances memory recall

Ashwagandha: protects against stress and improves cognition

Rhodiola Rosea: helps reduce stress, fatigue, and improves mood

Alpha-GPC: provides brain essential choline and amplifies other nootropics

Huperzine A: helps improve memory and acts as a neuroprotectant

Lion's Mane: promotes the development of new nerves and enhances brain function

Vitamin B complex: helps reduce fatigue and combats stress

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