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Rest supports a healthy circadian rhythm and promotes total body recovery so you can sleep efficiently and wake up feeling energized. By using a combination of essential minerals, amino acids, and herbs, Rest ingredients have been shown to increase GABA activity and promote serotonin production.

Get the best sleep of your life with Rest.


How Rest Works


Sleep Onset

Sleep onset is the transition from wakefulness into sleep. Rest helps activate your bodies GABA receptor system, which lowers neuronal firing in the brain and central nervous system. This reduction in brain activity prepares the body for a healthy sleep-wake cycle.


Sleep Efficiency

Sleep efficiency is the total amount of sleep achieved compared to the total time spent in bed. Rest uses melatonin and a combination of natural plant extracts to ensure you achieve a deeper sleep and maximize sleep efficiency.

Total Body 


Sleep is required for your body to repair cells that have been damaged by free radicals and toxic waste products, which accumulate during wakefulness. Rest uses essential minerals, vitamins, and neurotransmitter precursors to support these recovery mechanisms.

Get some rest. 

Backed by Clinical Research

  • 5-HTP mixture showed significantly increased sleep time in all periods and 5-HTP administration showed increased sleep time in the 3rd period significantly in clinical trials.

  • Sleep efficiency was shown to be significantly improved in individuals who received L-Theanine compared with those who received a placebo. 
  • Additionally, fewer bouts of nocturnal activity were seen in the L-Theanine group compared to the placebo group over the course of this study.



Rest is based on the latest clinical 

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